Marco Polo Tag Transceiver

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The Marco Polo Tag Transceiver is specifically designed and packaged for RC Model tracking and recovery applications. Its compact size and light weight (.42 oz. – 12 grams) makes it perfect for attachment to all types aircraft, including powered planes, multi-rotor aircraft, sail planes and model rockets. The Marco Polo RC Model Recovery System will support up to three Tag Transceivers per hand-held locator. Purchase additional Tag Transceivers to attach to multiple models so you never forget to fly a model without Marco Polo protecting your investment.

  • Each tag transceiver has a factory-programmed unique address – just marry new tags to the hand-held locator, takes just seconds
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the tag transceiver gives you up to 10 days to find your lost model
  • Super small, compact tag transceiver easily fits on even small RC models, weighs only .42 oz. (12 grams)
  • Does not interfere with RC radios – transceiver tags only transmits when you activate search mode from the handheld locator
  • Great solution for recovering model rockets as well


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marco polo tag
Written by George Dennison on Mar 18th 2017

I had quick delivery of my order

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