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Map Pilot Pro

All new and completely upgraded based on 6 years of Map Pilot feedback.
Map Pilot Pro helps you create and fly the optimal flight path to create great maps using the Maps Made Easy map processing service. Process into the final product using your own photogrammetry software or our Maps Made Easy online service. Mapping has never been easier.
All flight logs and mission planning can be synced with Maps Made Easy's FlightSync system for enhanced debugging and troubleshooting to help users create the best maps around.
Map Pilot Pro is a companion app intended for collecting data for the Maps Made Easy processing platform. Maps Made Easy's processing can be purchased by buying points on a pay-as-you-go basis or it can be subscribed to on a monthly basis. 
Collect top notch aerial data using Map Pilot Pro and process unlimited jobs of up to 325 images (12 megapixels) for free with Maps Made Easy.
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Define the area, select the level of detail, and go.
  • New Quick Map system for Offline Map Preview
  • Direct upload for processing
  • Multi-Battery Management
  • Manual Restart Point Selection
  • FlightSync to Maps Made Easy
  • Mission and Boundary Sync with Maps Made Easy
  • Flight Zone Management
  • Manual Restart Point definition
  • LAANC Authorizations via AirMap
  • Automatic, Aperture/Shutter Priority and Manual Exposure Modes
  • Basemap Caching for Offline Operations
  • Connectionless Camera Triggering
  • Terrain Aware Image Footprint Display
  • Fully Offline Capable Terrain Awareness
  • Multi-Pass Linear Mission Planning
  • Custom Terrain Data Import
  • 3D Grid Mission Planning
  • Multi-Flight Coordination
  • Movable Home Point to Track the Pilot
  • Save/Edit Missions
  • Refly Saved Missions
  • View 3D logs on-device with Google Earth
  • Import KML via Email or AirDrop
  • Import GPX files
  • Export KML, log files, and Flights file via Email or AirDrop
  • Flight Log review
  • Built-in Simulator for testing
  • AirData and DroneLogbook upload from Log File Manager
  • RAW imaging
  • Fullest Possible Use of Each Battery
  • Appropriate Camera Triggering
  • Overlap Management
  • Speed Management
  • Automatic Takeoff and Landing
  • Live Video Preview
  • Signal Quality Warning
  • Line of Sight Indicator
  • Automatically Captures Elevation Reference Image (Ground Image)
  • Natural Landing Assistance
  • Live Map View
Compatible with iOS 13 and up.
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