Drones Made Easy Repair Center


We specialize in the repair of DJI drones. Please follow these simple instructions before sending in your quadcopter.

We are proud to be selected as one of DJI's first Certified Repair Centers.


  1. Call 844.312 8444 or email repairs@dronesmadeeasy.com with your intent to submit a repair.
  2. Download and fill out this REPAIR FORM. Send the completed form IN the box with your repair, please.
  3. Only send in quads, gimbal cameras, and transmitters. DO NOT send batteries, props, chargers or displays.
  4. Send your quad and repair sheet to: Drones Made Easy, 5390 Napa St, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92110

We will notify you upon receiving your quad and provide an estimated quote before we get to work. Please be patient in this process, assume a minimum two-week turnaround (depending on availability of needed parts). Obviously, we will try to make everyone really happy and get your repair done as fast as possible so you can get to work.

Our ratings come from being great to our customers. Our customers are our friends. We will take care of your quad like it was our own. Be patient, please. We know everyone has "a job tomorrow" and we are sensitive to that fact.