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JZ M30 QUICK SEARCH KIT (Speaker Spotlight)

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JZ M30 QUICK SEARCH KIT (Speaker Spotlight)
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JZ_M30 QUICK SEARCH KIT, with 60W lighting power, weighs only 230 grams. It provides a 14° spotlight illumination, with an illumination brightness of over 36 lux at a distance of 50 meters. It is equipped with a single-axis stabilization gimbal, supports camera-gimbal linkage, and offers five color options for the color light group. It is compatible with DJI Pilot 2 control. The TTS (Text-to-Speech) loudspeaking has a maximum sound pressure level of 114db at one meter, with an effective broadcasting distance of over 300 meters. It supports real-time TTS loudspeaking through DJI Pilot 2 and supports bilingual TTS loop playback, as well as multiple languages and local dialects.


- Lighting illumination

Supports one-key on/off, brightness adjustment, flash brightness adjustment, and flash frequency adjustment

- Colored indicator lights

Supports multiple modes and color switching

- Gimbal

Controllable gimbal, control angle from +30° to -90°, supports gimbal-camera linkage

- Text playback, recorded voice loudspeaking

Supports text-to-speech playback and remote control voice recording loudspeaking



Assist fire personnel in reconnaissance at the scene in dark environments, support

firefighting and rescue operations, and provide sufficient lighting and loudspeaker deployment for crowd evacuation.


Security patrol:

Conduct nighttime patrols with the M30 QUICK SEARCH KIT installed, Provide strong lighting on-site to locate the suspect, and using TTS with a sound pressure level of 114 at one meter, high-volume loudspeaking, and intense light flashing to quickly break through the psychological defenses of suspects。


Traffic management:

Directing traffic flow, clearing accident scenes, and maintaining the continuity and fluidity of traffic.


Channel inspection:

Provide wide-ranging, mobile, and multi-angle aerial lighting for nighttime inspection and emergency repairs of power lines or oil pipelines, significantly improving repair efficiency and reducing losses.



Supports DJI Matrice 30 Series by default.

Compatible with DJI Matrice 350 RTK with an extra JZ M350 PSDK Bracket.

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